Sister Cities: Tango’s shared heritage

13.12.2018 in Magazine

In the final decades of the 19th century, the port cities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo, located on the Rio de la Plata basin, became a popular destination for a massive new wave of immigration…

The Real Tango Show

31.10.2018 in Argentina

The scene is typical: Tourists from around the globe wait in long lineups to catch a Tango Show at one of the many dinner theaters in Buenos Aires, paying excessive entrance fees and often having waited for weeks…

Dance Spotlight: Albano Goldenberg

30.04.2018 in Argentina

Albano Goldenberg is a professional tango dancer and teacher who has been dancing for over 15 years. In an interview with Clandestino, Albano talks about Buenos Aires and the wide variety of opportunities the city offers tango dancers at any level.

Mate Culture in Argentina

30.06.2017 in Argentina

You are handed what appears to be a small gourd with an elegant metal straw jutting out at an angle.  You sip tentatively on it.  The liquid is hot as it hits your tongue, then bitter.  It takes you by surprise at first, but the flavour slowly grows on you…

Interview: Harpist Sarah Stern

16.05.2016 in Argentina

Earlier this winter we caught up with Sarah Stern, associate principal harpist with the Teatro Colon Orchestra of Buenos Aires.  The Pittsburgh native sat down with us and talked about her experiences living in Buenos Aires and playing with the orchestra. She also treated us to an exclusive performance…

Noche de Buenos Aires

05.07.2014 in Magazine

An evening of Argentine dance, music, and food! Clandestino Music Travel transports you to a sultry, languorous night in Buenos Aires, complete with the sounds of Toronto’s premier tango band….