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Nothing beats exploring music at its roots for the ultimate cultural experience, yet tracking down the hottest live music in an unfamiliar city isn’t always easy. We bypass the mainstream tourist venues and take you straight to the source. We work with local musicians, dancers, journalists and cultural tastemakers who have the inside scoop. With our ‘backstage’ connections, we get behind the scenes so you have direct contact with musicians and other artists. Concerts, workshops, rehearsals, street festivals – we’re sure to be wherever the music is happening.


The eclectic spirit of the city – nostalgic, gritty and refined all at once – is perhaps no better expressed than through the tango, the passionate music and dance that was born in this seductive port city. And thanks to a renewed interest amongst a new generation of talented musicians and artists, tango music has experienced a rich revival in recent years.
We uncover a thriving and diverse music scene far from the postcard version of tango commonly marketed to tourists. From jazz-inspired trios to traditional full-piece tango orchestras, from electronica-fused tango to its punk-rock expression, Buenos Aires has it all. A new golden age of tango? We think so!


Helena first visited Buenos Aires in 2008 while travelling through South America, and immediately fell in love with the city. She stayed for several years, captivated by the porteño charm and the city’s eclectic mix of South American flair and faded old-world elegance. While researching a story for a radio documentary she was introduced to a thriving and diverse underground tango scene that was nowhere to be found in the tourist brochures. Enchanted by the seductive music, she has since been exploring the fascinating world of contemporary tango and the magical city that is Buenos Aires today. Helena is the founder of Clandestino Music Travel and divides her time between Toronto and Buenos Aires.